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RGB LED Strip with 24 Key Remote (300 LED)

RGB LED Strip with 24 Key Remote (300 LED)

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RGB LED Strip with 24 Key Remote (300 LED)

This is the ultimate RGB LED Strip, at 60 x 5050 LEDs per meter it's the brightest strip available. The strip uses a super charged power adapter (12V, 6A) for extra bright, extra crisp colors!.

The 300 RGB LED strip has 60 LEDs per meter the highest concentration available, this essentially means that the 300 LED Strip is 2 times brighter than the regular 150 LED strip.

This LED bundle is ideal for projects that require bright LED lighting such as: Retro projection, LED light boxes, wall projection, high brightness under cabinet LED lighting and so on. It can also be used in any other traditional LED lighting project where ultra bright colors are required. Concerned that it might be too bright? Don’t worry, you can dim the light down using the included remote!

Package Includes:
1-5 meter 300 LED Strip.
1-LED Control Box/Receiver
1-24 key Remote control
1-12V 6A Power adapter
1-Power cable

Note that if you're planning on installing your LED strip sideways or upside down, we strongly suggest using extra adhesive such as double sided tape.

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