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300 LED 10m Sound control RGB LED Strip Kit

300 LED 10m Sound control RGB LED Strip Kit



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300 LED 10m Sound control RGB LED Strip Kit

This is the longest and brightest 300 LED strip available on the market, the 10 meter 300 LED Strip is 4 times brighter than the 150 LED strip.

The LED Controller with sound control will change the colors of the RGB LED strip in sync with the beat of the music you are listening to. You can set the level of sound sensitivity to the surrounding sounds. Note that the sound control mode is optional, you can turn it off and use this kit as a regular non sound activated LED Strip. You can set it on a single color or use one of the 2 non sound controlled automatic color changing modes.

Sound option1: When there’s no sound LED lights are off, turns on and alternates color in sync with sound
Sound option 2: When there’s no sound LED lights will alternate color, color alternates in sync with sound


The RGB Sound Controller has 2 outputs. You can only connect a single 300 LED strip per output, one on the left and one on the right output. This means that your controller will be in the middle of the circuit and that you will have 5m going left and 5m going right. You can't connect 2 300 LED strips one after the other on the same output, the tension on the circuit will be too high and you will damage your strips. Note that if you require more than 10 meters of 300 LED strip for your project, you will have to use more than one bundle to complete it.

How to properly install your Sound Controller unit.
First, please ensure that the power supply is connected correctly. The green or blue light on the power supply will turn on when it is. Make sure to open the green connecting ports by unscrewing the screws first. Make sure that the wires are properly skinned and that the metal clamps of the ports make contact with the metallic wire (not the plastic coating). On the green port on the right, the red wire has to be connected in the + port, the black one in the other port. On the other side of the controller, there’s 2 green connecting ports labeled RGB +:
Red goes in R, Green in G, Blue in B and Black in +.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to install your Music Controller and make it work properly.

Specifications for the 10 meter LED Strip bundle:

Spill proof* (IP65, Silicon injection) with 3M Adhesive Tape on the back of the LED Strip
2 x 5 meter strip, 60 LEDs per meter, 600 LEDs in total
LED type: 5050 SMD (3 times brighter than regular 3528 LEDs)
Comes with a multi function 24 key remote with different flash modes and color selection
You can also set it on a single color and adjust the brightness
Full RGB mode (red, green, blue) will enable you to select 16 individual solid colors
light pattern: Flash / Fade / sound 1 / sound 2
16 Speeds Control in Flash / Fade

*Please note that this product is spill proof but not water proof, make sure not to expose it to running water.

The 10 meter LED Strip Package Includes:

2- 5 meter 300 LED Strip: 5050 RGB LED
1- LED Sound Control Box/Receiver
1- 24 key sound remote control
1- 12V 10A Power adapter
Power and RGB LED connectors

If you're planning on installing your LED strip sideways or upside down, we strongly suggest using extra adhesive such as double sided tape.


10 meter Sound Control RGB LED Strip Kit

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