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Cool White LED Puck Light

Cool White LED Puck Light



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Cool White LED Puck Light

The LED Pucks are finally here! With this remote controlled cool white LED puck light from Magnet Montreal, you can illuminate your flower beds, shelves, garden, patio decorations or any similar object you can think of. Combined with double sided tape, it can also be very useful for any of your occasional lighting needs such as cupboards, boxes or any dark place where you don’t require constant illumination. With 10 super bright LEDs, it’s the LED candle’s bigger, so radiant you shouldn’t dare staring at it!

For any quantity of LED Puck Lights you order, you receive only 1 remote, which can control all your pucks. This is to make sure that we provide you with the best possible price (note that the price drops significantly as soon as you order 2+). If needed, you can buy extra remotes for LED pucks here.

With the battery compartment screwed down, this LED puck light is spill proof. Note that these puck lights are not submersible and shouldn't be used under water. Spill proof means that they can be used outdoors and left under the rain but water will get in and may damaged them if submerged. It is possible to make them submersible by sealing the battery compartment with silicone.

It is controlled with a 2 key IR remote to turn it on and off. In order to make sure the sealing gasket doesn't get damaged, do not screw in the battery compartment too tight. Stop as soon as you feel a resistance.

A few notes:

  • • The LED puck lights require 3 x AAA batteries, which are not included
  • • 7cm diameter, 2.5 cm high
  • • Lasts approximately 7 hours under regular use
  • • The remote is IR (infrared), meaning you have to point at the puck for it to properly receive the signal.
  • • The remote has a range of about 10m
  • • We strongly suggest buying more than 1 remote in order to have a backup because the pucks can’t be controlled otherwise. There is no button control directly on the puck.


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