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Single Color 3528 or 5050 LED Strip Quick Connectors

Single Color 3528 or 5050 LED Strip Quick Connectors



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Single Color 3528 or 5050 LED Strip Quick Connectors

These LED Strip Solderless Quick Connectors are designed to connect 2 Single Color LED strips together. It’s the ideal connector to extend a LED strip or to go around a corner without having to bend and twist your LED strip. Use the drop down menu to select the type of connectors. Choose 3528 for 8mm wide strips or 5050 for 10mm wide strips.

These Solderless LED Strip Quick Connectors are now available in lengths of 40cm, 1 and 2 meters. These longer connectors are ideal to connect different sections of LED Strips for under cabinet lighting projects. It’s the perfect type of connector to go around a range hood, a window or any other type of obstacle without having to use a soldering iron. If you need a custom length, you can simply buy the 17cm version, cut the wires between the connectors and extend using RGB wires.

Note that these connectors are not compatible with the 3528 600 LED strip.

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Q: I want to install LED strips under my cabinets but I have to go around my stove fan or microwave, can I cut and reconnect my LED strip? 
A: Yes you can cut and reconnect your strip, to know how it’s done, visit the how to use solderless connectors page

under Cabinet led lighting

Technical Drawing Single Color Solderless Connector 17cm, 1m or 2m

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