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Single Color BLUE LED Strip, 300 LEDs

Single Color BLUE LED Strip, 300 LEDs



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Single Color BLUE LED Strip, 300 LEDs

This single color BLUE LED strip is easy to install, very bright and uses low voltage (12V, 3A). This 5 meter long BLUE LED Strip includes 300 LEDs which are encased in a self adhesive flexible silicon band. The LED 3528 BLUE Strip is completely flexible and spill proof. LED strips offer creative options for upgrading the lighting of any room. Our LED strips can be used to set the mood in bedrooms, living rooms, conference rooms and office reception area. It’s also the coolest way to decorate any vehicle, bar and display counter. LED Strips are great for creating the perfect lighting for everyday living to party lighting.

Single color LED Strips are often referred to as 3528 LEDs because of the size of the LED modules inside the strip. Each of the 300 LED chips in this strip measures 3.5mm by 2.8mm, that’s why they are called 3528 LEDs

For every 15m-20m 3528 kit or 10m 5050 kit, your package will include a Y shape splitter, which you need in order to split your circuit as evenly as possible. On longer circuits like these, the light might tend to get dim on the ends if power isn't distributed evenly. 

Specification Single Color BLUE LED Strip:

Spill proof (IP65, Silicon injection) with 3M Adhesive Tape on the back of the LED Strip
5 meter strip, 60 LEDs per meter, 300 LEDs in total
LED type: 3528 SMD (Surface Mount LED)
Luminous intensity (mcd): 650

The BLUE LED Strip Package Includes:

1-5 meter 300 LED Strip (BLUE)
1-Dimmer or switch (depending on your choice)
1-Power adaptor (12V 3A)
1-Power cable
1-Y shape splitter*

*only with 15m and 20m kits 

Note about the 3 key dimmer:
If the dimmer is not connected properly, the strip will turn on but the remote won’t work. In order for the remote to work, you need to connect the power supply in the dimmers INPUT, the strip connects in the OUTPUT. If once connected properly the remote doesn’t work, keep the on/off button pushed down for about 30 secs. That will resync the dimmer with the remote.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to install and make your dimmer work properly.


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