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IP68 Single Color LED Strip Kit with Outdoor Driver

IP68 Single Color LED Strip Kit with Outdoor Driver



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IP68 Single Color LED Strip Kit with Outdoor Dimmable Magnetic Driver

You can now do your outdoor setup and dim your single color LED strips with a compatible, standard looking wall dimmer by using the high quality AC Dimmable Magnetic Driver from Magnet Montreal. This new dimmable power supply is fit for outdoor use and, combined with the IP68 Submersible strips, creates a good three-season outdoor LED kit! On top of that, this Magnetic Driver allows you to dim your LED Strips right at the source and use a standard looking wall dimmer. Highly efficient, this LED Driver allows you to dim your LED Strips from 100% all the way down to 10%.

Magnet Montreal offers you the option of adding a wall dimmer to your kit, you can select it in the drop down menu. We offer the Leviton 6613, which we have previously tested. If you decide not to include the suggested wall dimmer, you need to make sure your dimmer is compatible by going through the list of compatible dimmers here. Any attempt to operate this power supply with a non compatible dimmer may damage the unit and will void its warranty. You can also choose the MultiZone Controller and Remote as a dimmer in the same drop down menu.

The drop down menus allow you to pick your prefered length and type of LED strip to perfectly match your needs! The menu offers you 2 types: standard brightness (3528) or ultra bright (5050). Once you have determined which type of LED Strip you want, you will have to decide which color you prefer. All LED Strip kits come in Warm White (3200K) or Cool White (6000K).

About the iP68 Strips: Note that only the LED strip is water proof, the connectors at both ends of the strip are not waterproof and must not be in contact with water or moisture. You can use extra silicon and heat shrink tube to make your setup safer. Also, the AC Dimmable Magnetic Driver is well protected against water but is not submersible. To complete the waterproofing process, make sure you install the driver vertically and sheltered from the elements.

The iP68 strips are not self adhesive, to maintain them in place we suggest using GE pure silicone and double-sided adhesive tape. Simply put the silicone on the back of the strip, then put the double-sided tape on top of the silicone. Once the silicone is dry, your strip is ready to install! Additional option when looking for a sharp and subtle way to hold your ip68 LED strips, the Silicone Mounting Brackets for LED Strips from Magnet Montreal are a great solution.

 If you are looking to install ip68 submersible LED strips to your awning, pool, deck, RV, boat, docks, or anything of that nature, we invite you to read our page on how to install your under awning LED strips.

For any kit your order, you will receive the required magnetic driver according to the type and length of LED strip that you chose. Here's how it is determined:
40W LED Driver: 5 meters or less of 3528 Strips 
60W LED Driver: 6 to 10 meters of 3528 LED strip or up to 5 Meters of 5050 LED Strip. 
100W LED Driver: 11 to 20 meters of 3528 Strips or 6 to 10 meters of 5050 LED Strip.

You already have a LED strip setup at home and you wish to upgrade it and use a standard looking wall dimmer? You can easily do so by ordering the proper AC Dimmable Magnetic Driver here. Make sure you order the right one to fit the Amp needs of your existing type and length of strip.

For every 15m-20m 3528 kit or 10m 5050 kit, your package will include a Y shape splitter, which you need in order to split your circuit as evenly as possible. On longer circuits like these, the light might tend to get dim on the ends if power isn't distributed evenly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the AC Dimmable Magnetic Driver has to be hardwired into the wall dimmer using 110-120V power, it requires to be installed by a qualified professional.


PDF Iconinstallation_guide_12V.pdf  PDF IconDimmer Compatibility List.pdf

PDF IconSpecsheet 40W.pdf  PDF IconSpecsheet 60W.pdf  PDF IconSpecsheet 100W.pdf


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