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Small Neodymium Mounting Ring Magnet

Ring Magnet, 25mm diameter x 3mm thick (0.98" x 0.12")



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Neodymium Ring Magnet, 25mm diameter x 3mm thick (0.98" x 0.12")

These 25mm (0.98") cylinder Neodymium ring magnets are perfect for various magnetic experiments or any other project that requires Neodymium magnets. Even better, they have a hole in the center to allow you to screw them wherever you want, and so it allows you to use it for multiple applications, especially those where you need to fix the magnet to a surface. Install them to a door to have it stay open (or closed), screw it to a wall or shelf to hold iron-made tools, etc. The limit is your imagination!

Be careful when handling large magnets as Neodymium is a brittle material and will break if magnets are dropped or snapped together.

Specifications Ring Magnet:
Size: 25mm diameter x 3mm thick (0.98" x 0.12")
Weight: 8.3 grams (0.018 lb)
Grade: N35
Plating: Nickel
Pull Force: 3.92 Kg (8.64 Lbs)

Dimension of the hole:
12mm (0.47")

Given the manufacturing methods required to produce such a big magnet, it’s considered normal that small esthetical imperfections be visible in the plating of big size magnets. Those small imperfections, such as little bumps or scratches do not affect in any way the performance of the magnet.


Magnet Warning WARNING Magnet Warning
This product is not a toy and is not to be used by children. This product is to be used for scientific experiments or for industrial applications. This product contains strong Neodymium magnet(s) that can be harmful or fatal if swallowed. Strong Neodymium magnets are fragile, they are brittle and will break or chip if they hit a hard surface or are snagged together. Always use the utmost care when handling Neodymium magnets. Before placing your order, please review the Warnings page.