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RGB Uncoated IP20 5 meter LED Strip (strip only)

RGB Uncoated IP20 5 meter LED Strip (strip only)



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RGB Uncoated IP20 5 meter LED Strip (strip only)

Cut and reconnect your LED Strips very easily with the RGB Uncoated IP20 LED Strip from Magnet Montreal! This one is the uncoated version of our famous IP65 LED Strip. Since there is no silicone coating on the strip, the copper connectors are already exposed which makes it so much easier to use with solderless connectors. If you’re looking to cut and reconnect your RGB LED Strips numerous times, this product would make your life a whole lot easier. Plus it’s cheaper!

Please note that since the iP20 strips are uncoated, it is important that they get manipulated gently. Handling them with no care may damage the circuits.

If you need to cut and reconnect, it’s important that you clean off the glue under the strip in order to be able to insert it properly into the solderless connector. For optimal results, brush the extra paint off the copper connectors. For further instructions, please visit the how to use solderless connectors page.

Please note that if you need a more flexible and durable strip, we suggest going with the IP65 LED Strips. 

If you're planning on installing your LED strip sideways or upside down, we strongly suggest using extra adhesive such as double sided tape.


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