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300 LED RGB 3528 LED Strip (Strip Only)

300 LED RGB 3528 LED Strip (Strip Only)



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300 LED RGB 3528 LED Strip (Strip Only)

The 5M RGB 3528 LED strip from Magnet Montreal is great for the LED enthusiast looking for an economical way to get a multi color lighting. The 5M RGB 3528 LED Strip is only 8mm wide and features 300 individual 3528 LED chips: 100 Red, 100 Green and 100 Blue LEDs. All three colors can be displayed separately, all at once or alternatively with a preprogrammed flashing or chasing mode.

Note that to operate this strip, you will need a 12V 2A power supply as well as an RGB LED controller. These items can be bounght together with the strip in a complete 3528 RGB LED Strip Kit.

The splash proof iP65 rated silicone coating of the 3528 LED Strip includes a 3M self adhesive back for quick installation. However, should you wish to install the Strip upside down, we suggest that you use the Double sided 3M Acrylic tape as your Strip may peel off if only the self adhesive is used.

The 3528 LED chip is a single color chip, it does not allow you to mix the Red, Green and Blue in order to obtain different colors, such as white or yellow. Should you wish to obtain more than 3 colors from your LED Strip, make sure that you use a Strip with 5050 LED chips. As well, please note that there are no connectors and extension available for 5M RGB 3528 LED strip kit. Therefore, this kit is not recommended for usage under kitchen cabinets or for any other application that would require that connectors and extension in order to bypass an obstacle. Once again, we recommend using one of our 5050 RGB LED Strip kits for such projects as we offer an extended selection of connectors and accessories for these.

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