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EL Wire Party Glasses

EL Wire Party Glasses


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EL Wire Party Glasses

Here’s the perfect addition to your party outfit! With the EL Wire Party Glasses from Magnet Montreal, get noticed and impress people at your Halloween night, nightclub event, concert or basically any party! Its glow in the dark, futuristic look will surely make for a great conversation starter and you’ll end up meeting tons of new people! Available in 2 different styles (classic and shutter) and 3 different light colors (red, light blue, lime green), they come with an included battery pack (2 x AA batteries not included) that you can easily hide under your clothes. Please note that the power string going from the glasses to the battery pack is about 1 meter long, for extra length we suggest getting an EL extension cable.

Style 1 : Classic
Style 2 : Shutter

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