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Bowei 503. Robot Construction Kit

Bowei 503. Robot Construction Kit


$ 18.90


Bowei 503. Robot Construction Kit 

Magnet Montreal challenges you to take your Lego building skills to the next level! Here is the Bowei 503 robot kit, the new and higher level of building blocks. This is what you need to create your own BatleTech/Mechwarrior Combat robot! The complex 234 techno style building blocks are the best for building futuristic robots and other cool mechanized creations!

To build the suggested model, simply follow the clear but complex instructions or create your own using your imagination! You can even combine multiple kits to build a giant MechWarrior or an army of smaller ones!

Kit includes:

• 234 pieces
• 1 illustrated instruction manual 

* This product is sold in a generic package without a box

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